Exercise Help

Curtsy Lunge

Keep knee over toe and chest up

Jump Squats

Leg lifts

Go up to 45 degrees, hold for 3 sec, back down to floor.


Keep knee over toe and knee off the floor

Mountain Climbers

Start in a plank position, bring left knee to left elbow and then right knee to right elbow.

Plank Jacks

Start in a plank position. Jump feet out wide and then return to plank.

Plank Walk

Prone Cobra

Lay on the ground. Hands by shoulders and lift.


Can be done on feet or knees as long as the back stays straight and go all the way to the floor.

Single Leg Stand ups

Stand up out of a chair using only one leg at a time


Feet on the floor reach down while bringing one leg up. Can be done with or without weights. 5 on each leg.

Spider Man

Start in a plank, bring left foot up even with hands and reach the left hand toward the ceiling. Hold for 5 sec. Return left hand to floor and raise right arm to the ceiling. Hold for 5 sec. Repeat on other foot. Finish with pigeon stretch on both legs as shown.


Goal is to get to full depth, catcher stance, in a body weight squat.